Новости Heroes of the Storm. Ближайшие обновления магазина и Battlefield of Eternity
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24.08.15 16:19

В ближайшее время некоторые средства передвижения исчезнут из магазина и будут добавлены новые. Также, Blizzard нашли причину вылета на карте Battlefield of Eternity, но еще не готовы ввести её в игру.


Свинка-копилка будет удалена из магазина 1 сентября 2015 года, так что это последний шанс её приобрести. Вместо свинки будет доступен Дублон Черносерда, который также будет продаваться за 20000 золотых. За эту же сумму в магазине уже сейчас доступен ездовой Гоблин. Он в магазине временно, но у Blizzard пока нет конкретной даты его удаления из магазина

Ковер-самолет и Лунный тигр 8 сентября 2015 года будут заменены в магазине на Киберволка и Ужасного волка. Кроме того, 25.08.2015 из магазина будет удален комплект Нексуса, а вместе с ним и Назебра.


Money Pig Heading Out to Pasture (For Now)

The dutiful Money Pig Mount has been carrying heroes into battle across all of our battlegrounds for quite some time now, and it’s high-time to give its little hooves some well-deserved rest. If you haven’t had the chance to buy a Money Pig of your very own, then you may wish to do so within the next few weeks, because it will be leaving the Heroes of the Storm Shop on Tuesday, September 1.

Blackheart’s Doubloon Arr-iving Soon!

We finally agreed to sit down with Blackheart and talk through a Mount design he’s been shouting about in all of our recent meetings (Why do we keep inviting him to these?) We thought his idea was actually pretty cool, and we’re excited to bring you Blackheart’s Doubloon, starting on September 1!

Like the Money Pig, Blackheart’s Doubloon will cost 20,000 Gold (he’s got a thing for coins, you know) and cannot be purchased using real money. What’s more, you can rest assured that all proceeds from sales of Blackheart’s Doubloon will go toward restocking his ship with cannonballs.

Wolves Are SO In Right Now

We’re also planning to temporarily remove the Magic Carpet and Lunar Tiger Mounts from the Heroes Shop on Tuesday, September 8. In their places, we’ll once again swap in the Cyber and Dire Wolf Mounts, which will become available for purchase on that same day. If you’ve been howling for these Mounts to make a comeback, then these wolves may be the perfect fit for your collection.

Nazeebra Riding Off Into the Sunset

Finally, as mentioned in today’s patch notes, Nazeebo’s trusty Nazeebra Mount will be leaving alongside the Nexus Bundle on Tuesday, August 25. Until that time, you’ll still be able to add the black and white striped steed to your collection by purchasing the Nexus Bundle, which has become Dynamic with today’s update. You’ll receive a discount for each item you already own that’s part of the Nexus Bundle, meaning that you can pick up the Nazeebra Mount without paying full price on the Bundle. You can learn more about Dynamic Bundles in our recent article.

As always, if you already own the Money Pig, Magic Carpet, Nazeebra, or Lunar Tiger Mounts, don’t worry -- You’ll still be able to ride them into glorious combat just as you always have!


Недавно разработчики нашли баг на карте Battlefield of Eternity и удалили её из ротации. Blizzard надеются на скорое решение, но пока проблему не устранят, карта возвращена не будет.



Update: Okay, so we've discovered an issue with the Battlefield of Eternity that can cause games to crash, we're not going to add it back into the Battleground Pool until we can roll out a fix.

Guess we'll just have to play on the 7 other Battlegrounds for the moment. ;) Really, though, we'll fix it up as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience today, everyone.

Thanks for the reports, everyone! We're investigating now and hope to have this resolved at some point today. Will keep you posted!